Welcome to the world of wine magic!

Sitting between the everlasting sunlight and endless vineyards, there lies hidden the best kept secret of winemaking in the Tikvesh region – Stobi Winery. Only 80km south from the Skopje, this is a place that links the Mediterranean to the continental Balkan hinterlands, shrouded by the mythical rivers of Axios and Erigon, along which countless Roman legions, Crusading cavalries, Ottoman conquerors and World War armies had marched. Today, this region represents the midpoint where the Old and the New World of wine meet.

Stobi Winery is a proud witness to the ever-evolving wine traditions in these regions – ranging from the wine vessel, kantharos, relished by the highborn in Stobi, to the wineskins used to transport this key product to the ancient metropolises, all the way to the cutting edge stainless steel tanks and sophisticated oak barrels where wine is produced and aged nowadays. Located in an ultra-modern, urban building, reminiscent of the architectural wonders of Le Corbusier, Stobi Winery opens its doors for all the visitors willing to dive into the vast history of this region, its customs of wine producing, as well as the multitude of ways it can be consumed and combined with gourmet food.

The new Macedonian wine story begins right here, before the gates of Stobi Winery. Enter the world of Hermes, the Grand Master of wine, and inhale deeply the magical fragrance of aging wine, while hearing the secret whispers of the Stobi peacock hidden between the endless labyrinths of oak barrels.

Become a part of the world of modern wine tourism! Don’t accept anything less than perfection!